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Random Test Inputs – part 2

If you saw my last post Random inputs in unit testing you’ll remember that I was advocating the benefits of using random test data in your unit tests. One of the bits of feedback that I had (and seems to be the … Continue reading

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Random inputs in unit testing

I recently had an upstream reviewer telling me that I should not randomise my test input because “randomness does not provide a useful input to the test and sets a bad example of practices for writing tests”. I am going … Continue reading

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LXD on Linode servers

I was recently trying to get LXD working on my Linode server, but was getting this error: $ lxc launch ubuntu:16.04 wordpress Creating wordpress Starting wordpress error: Error calling ‘lxd forkstart wordpress /var/lib/lxd/containers /var/log/lxd/wordpress/lxc.conf’: err=’exit status 1′ lxc 20161010203338.247 ERROR … Continue reading

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Brisbane River Drone Flight

My second drone video! A bit longer, and has a special appearance by my dog at the end.

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Droning on!

I went and bought myself a DJI Phantom 4. Holy crap, I’m impressed. 12MP images and 4k video. Not to mention all the other bells and whistles like collision avoidance, auto return to home and when you put it in … Continue reading

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Webex using Ubuntu LXD containers

If you read my previous post WebEx in Ubuntu LXC containers you’ll have learned how to get Cisco’s Webex running on Ubuntu in a 12.04 container. I figured it was time to work out how to get it running in the newer … Continue reading

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On Successful Teams …

To build a successful team, you need several facets all working in harmony. Self-motivation and desire Successful teams consist of people who are self-motivated and have an innate desire to succeed. Communication It’s a cliché but good communication is essential. … Continue reading

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Yubikey as Google Authenticator on Ubuntu

How to use Yubikey as a Google Authenticator replacement Continue reading

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WebEx in Ubuntu LXC containers

If, like me, you’ve Googled around looking for a solution to get Cisco WebEx working in Ubuntu and nothing really explained it properly, or you ended up with a messed up system, then I am here to help! Most of … Continue reading

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A rant on printer DRM

EDIT: I found this which works like a charm: This post is unashamedly a total rant about printer DRM. If you don’t enjoy a good rant, you’d better stop reading now. I have the relatively cheap Samsung ML-2240 laser printer. … Continue reading

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