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Once more unto the beach

I should really have written more over the year but long story short, I’m heading back to Cyprus for more treatment. Last time I had great gains but I need a bit more to get me over the finishing line. … Continue reading

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How to do home ozone

It’s been one week since I got back home. I’ve had the worst jet lag I’ve ever had in my whole life, coupled with crazy insomnia, and I feel pretty awful. For that reason I am not going to re-score … Continue reading

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Week 5, over and out

That’s it, I’m all done with treatment. I’m sat here in my apartment writing this blog entry, and in just over 4 hours my taxi arrives to take me to the airport.

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Week 4 in Cyprus – detox

This is a little late, but hey better late than never.

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Week 3 in Cyprus

Not a lot to say here other than that I have continued to herx quite strongly, and in fact last Monday I had probably the worst one I’ve ever had in the 5 years I’ve been trying to treat this … Continue reading

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Week 2 in Cyprus

The treatment is starting to bite. In the meantime, week 2 just happened. It’s been rough, very rough, as the major herxing started and I’ve also had some vein problems – two burst and one collapsed – so extra pain … Continue reading

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It begins

It’s Thursday evening.  I’ve been going to the Neomed clinic now for three days. And today I have the mother of all herxes.

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Pre-Cyprus Lyme Status

I thought I’d write a few things down about my current state of health affairs, prior to heading to Cyprus next week. This is partly so I can record “the before” and compare to how I feel when I get … Continue reading

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Off to Cyprus

It seems somewhat fitting that almost exactly 5 years since I became aware that I had Lyme-like symptoms, I’ve made the big decision to travel to Cyprus for intensive treatment as my own home treatment has been good at keeping … Continue reading

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Random Test Inputs – part 2

If you saw my last post Random inputs in unit testing you’ll remember that I was advocating the benefits of using random test data in your unit tests. One of the bits of feedback that I had (and seems to be the … Continue reading

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