Week 3 in Cyprus

Not a lot to say here other than that I have continued to herx quite strongly, and in fact last Monday I had probably the worst one I’ve ever had in the 5 years I’ve been trying to treat this crap.

I also started doing Rectal Insufflation (RI) of ozone, followed by a colonic to clean out the toxins that creates. The RI packs a huge punch, way more than I was expecting and I was wiped out for days.

I was feeling much better by the end of the week and actually felt a bit more energised over the weekend, although still fairly fatigued. However, I can see glimpses of feeling better with less brain fog, more energy and less fatigue, which gives me some hope that we’re getting somewhere with this. At least I can say that the good days are juuuust about beginning to outnumber the bad ones.

I managed to walk around the Marina and Old Port area again over the weekend, albeit slowly, so I’ll leave you with this lovely photo that I took.

Limassol Marina
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