Week 2 in Cyprus

The treatment is starting to bite.

In the meantime, week 2 just happened. It’s been rough, very rough, as the major herxing started and I’ve also had some vein problems – two burst and one collapsed – so extra pain there and added complications finding new veins for the 10 pass ozone.

I started some new therapies too including some more detox and alternative methods of introducing ozone via rectal insufflation. I wasn’t prepared for quite how powerful that one is, I had a major herx from that.

One other funky one is the laser IV. Here’s a closeup where you can see the light under my skin inside the vein.




I can really feel the effects of the whole treatment programme starting to bite now. My body is exhausted, I ache everywhere, my muscles are weak, and for the first time ever I started getting wobbly legs. I can only presume that this is the ozone driving all the bacteria out into the open where it’s getting a smack on the head.

It possibly doesn’t also help that there’s a heatwave in Cyprus at the moment – it’s been over 40°C for the last week and it doesn’t get much below 30° overnight.

I’m now almost half way into my treatment. I think I am going to need an extra week here, so I’ll be sorting that out tomorrow. But I think it’s starting to work, and I feel a little more energy than normal.

It also has to be said that the community of people in the clinic and on chat groups is amazing. The mutual support is wonderful and some friendships are being forged. It’s sad that we met through the misery of Lyme, but I’m glad I did. Y’all know who you are.

(I removed my last post as it contained a bit too much detail for public consumption. I’ll reword it and re-post for posterity at some point.)


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