It begins

It’s Thursday evening.  I’ve been going to the Neomed clinic now for three days. And today I have the mother of all herxes.

Day 1

The day began with a trip to Nicosia to see Dr Yuri. One of the interesting things that he does is to use a thermal camera which shows where all the inflammation is in your body. I was showing a lot in my brain and spine – classic neuro Lyme. I will re-visit the same camera in 4 weeks to see how I have progressed.

We raced back to Limassol and I began the treatment programme immediately.

The programme is made up of many different therapies that are tailored to each individual’s needs. There’s quite a few physio rehab procedures, massage, magnetic therapy, IVs and of course the multipass ozone.

I started off with this contraption which is called a UFO machine:

The light us UV and you stick the cone up each nostril and breathe for 5 minutes. It is supposed to help with sinusitis, but it’s too early for me to say yet.

Next, the TENS machine. This is to stimulate nerves.

Next – IV time. I was cannulated and then received some vitamins, minerals and then ozonated saline through the IV line. I had a mini herx from the ozone saline!

Lastly in the day was the foot soak. This is 10 minutes in a foot bath with hot water and baking soda. It draws out toxins through the skin on the feet.

Day 2

More of the same as Day 1. In addition I used a MULTIMAG machine which is to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation:

Once this was done I had some theraputic massage. Massage is amazing at reducing pain!

Day 3

More UFO, magnetic stimulation, MULTIMAG, massage and then ….. the main event, the 10 pass ozone.

I previously did ozone therapy back in Brisbane so I mostly knew what to expect. Blood is drawn from your vein, infused with ozone, and put back in the body. The 10 pass technique is the same, except it’s done ten times over for a huge dose of ozone.

Nothing could have quite prepared me, however, for the monstrous herx that this was going to generate. I’ve recovered enough for writing this blog entry, but the headache is persisting and I get very nauseous if I move around.

More updates to come at the weekend.

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5 years ago

Wow that is serious! I assume that you are on much of the same format for the 4 weeks? As for Massage – yes it is amazing to at relieving pain, in my new job I see it every day so I kinda knew that, but to hear it from someone that is so inflamed its amazing. Are you on a special diet too to help reduce the inflammation? It is fascinating for me, but one hex of a journey for you. Keep strong and keep believing too!

4 years ago

Hi just like to know how are you now any.better

4 years ago

How are you now any better