Pre-Cyprus Lyme Status

I thought I’d write a few things down about my current state of health affairs, prior to heading to Cyprus next week. This is partly so I can record “the before” and compare to how I feel when I get back, and partly because I want folks reading this to understand how awful Lyme is on a daily basis. This is important not because I want sympathy, but because it can’t be said enough about how this is a hidden disease. Most people suffering will be trying to hide it, not show it, so they can have some semblance of a normal life.


So what am I hiding? Well, everyone with Lyme is a bit different. There’s plenty of similarities, but I don’t think I’ve come across any two Lyme sufferers who share the exact same set of symptoms. Here’s my list, and how I’d rate the severity of each, out of 10:

Symptoms and Severity

Fatigue8This varies from day to day but is generally bad. I can wake up in the morning and not feel like I've slept at all, and it's a struggle to move.
Joint/muscle pain6-8Arthritic-like symptoms. Knees especially hurt when kept bent, which is a huge problem on planes.
Headaches7Come and go, but when they come they bring the next symptom:
Brain fog8When it comes, I can't think straight for even moderate tasks.
Memory loss6Occasionally bad, mostly people's names just disappear.
Heart/chest pain/palpitations6Used to be a 10 but home ozone has helped a lot.
Tinnitus9Constant ringing. I can sometimes block it out but it's always there
Insomnia9Can nod off on the sofa, go to bed, and then lie awake all night.
Nausea/Dizziness/Balance problems5Comes and goes
Twitching4Sudden unexpected muscle spasms and twitches, pretty random.
Psychiatric7Sudden depression, anxiety, mood changes.
Nerve pain4Hot/cold/tingling/numbness

I’m confident that the clinic in Cyprus will help me, based on my previous experience with Ozone. I’ll follow up with another post in a couple of days with what the clinic is going to be doing.

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