Off to Cyprus

It seems somewhat fitting that almost exactly 5 years since I became aware that I had Lyme-like symptoms, I’ve made the big decision to travel to Cyprus for intensive treatment as my own home treatment has been good at keeping the worst symptoms at bay but has proven very hard to totally eradicate the infection.

Cyprus has some world-class medical clinics and seems to be leading the field in terms of Lyme treatment using ozone. I’ll be attending for a month at a newly-built clinic in Limassol (so new that it’s not mentioned on that site yet) from June 20th this year.

I will continue to work as all I need is a laptop and an Internet connection. My accommodation and the clinic are all wifi-ed up!

I’ll post more updates as I progress through this treatment, and give you all the inside info in case you are thinking of making the same trip.

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4 years ago

Can I ask if treatment worked?