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Herx Force One

I appear to be having a major “herx” reaction to my meds. This is apparently “good” because it means the drugs are working. Basically, it’s a result of the bacteria dying and spilling their guts into my blood stream – … Continue reading

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Error handling in Go

There’s been a debate raging in some corners of the internet lately about how superior Go‘s error handling is to other languages.  I am going to address some of the points made, here: Claim 1: It’s impossible to ignore errors … Continue reading

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I’ve been experiencing bad headaches all week and today’s is awful.  I don’t know if it’s the drugs starting to work and causing a herx or if I just have a headache from the disease. 400mg of Ibuprofen 2.5 hours … Continue reading

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Living with Lyme

I am writing this blog post because I want to raise awareness of an increasingly common condition across the world.  This is my history leading up to my recent discovery. After many years of thinking something was wrong with me … Continue reading

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